Small Electric Rice Cooker Food Steamer 5 Cup Mini Rice Maker with One Touch Control and Automatic Keep Warm Function, Perfect for Grains and Oatmeal

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Rice Cooker and Food Steamer – Your New Choice for Kitchen Life!
A single switch automatically controls the rice preparation process from start to finish. It will automatically shift to warm once the cook cycle is complete. The 5-cup rice capacity makes it perfect for busy families, couples and singles.

Rice Cooker Features:
1.With a 1-5 cup rice capacity, you can cook a small side dish or enough for the whole family.
2.No matter when rice is finished, the rice cooker will automatically switch to Keep-Warm for conveniently flexible meal planning.
3.Different colored lights show when the unit is cooking rice or keeping it warm.
4.The durable non-stick inner pan is designed for years of continual heat and use. Its smooth, impermeable surface eliminates clumping and sticking to ensure that every grain of rice is evenly cooked thoroughly for better taste.
5.The measuring cup makes it easy to cook the perfect amount of rice, and the plastic serving spoon prevents accidental scratches to the nonstick rice pot.

Rice Cooker Specifications:
Rice Cooker Size:240*240*255
Rice Cooker Power:400W
Rice Cooker Voltage:120V
Capacity(Uncooked): 5 Cups

Rice Cooker Package Include:
Steam Tray*1
Rice Measuring Cup*1
Flat Pin Plug*2

1. Always using the measuring cup provided, measure out the desired amount of rice. The measuring cup provided 120mL capacity and is equal to roughly 1/2 of a standard U.S. cup (240mL).
2. To avoid loss of steam and longer cooking times, do not open the lid at any point during the cooking process.
3. After cooking, allow rice to stand for 5-10 minutes without removing the lid. This will ensure that rice is cooked thoroughly.

Please strictly follow the operating instructions book.
If you have any questions please feel free to contact us, we will be 24 hours at your service.

  • ONE-TOUCH OPERATION: Steams egg while rice cooks below with the simple, one-button cooking, allowing you to save time without sacrificing quality
  • AUTOMATIC KEEP WARM: The rice cooker automatically switches to the “keep warm” function after cooking is complete, keeping the optimal serving temperature for up to 12 hours. Never had an issue with water overflow on hot steam
  • MULTIFUNCTION & NONSTICK: With rice cookers, you can optimize to ensure that difficult to cook brown rice, jasmine rice, mixed rice and other kinds of grains are cooked to perfection. The nonstick rice pot is completely removable for easy dishwasher cleanup
  • COMPACT DESIGN: With a smaller size and flexible capacity for 5 cups of uncooked rice, this rice cooker is perfect for students, singles, lovers and elderly people living alone
  • WHAT ACCESSORIES INCLUDED: A detachable condensation collector, power cord, precise rice measuring cup, rice scoop and steamer basket

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