Ovente Ceramic Induction Cooktop Burner, 1800W, 8 Temperature Presets & 5 Timer Levels, Child Safety Lock, Stay-Cool Ceramic Glass Surface, LED Digital Display, Black (BG62B)

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Uncover exactly what the buzz of Induction Cookware is about!

Using the Ovente Induction Cooktop, you will no longer need to bother about uneven heat. It had been carefully made to evenly prepare a number of different foods with no hot or cold spots, whilst losing less heat along the way. All you need to do is utilize it with appropriate induction cookware for example surefire, enameled steel or iron, and magnetic stainless cookware. To see if it will likely be suitable for this burner, make certain it features a flat bottom, then have a magnet and put it near the foot of the pot or pan. Whether it stays with the pot or pan, it’s induction-capable.

From quick stir-frys to creamy mushroom risottos, this burner will do it all at a small fraction of time! It boils water immediately and shaves several minutes from your normal cooking since it gets hotter so quickly. This really is perfect kitchen tool for those who are continually pressed promptly, or individuals who just need additional time to savor other pursuits. Additionally, it need not be used just in the kitchen area, it’s portable so that you can go anywhere you go—just make certain you’ve got a power outlet when it’s time for doing things. It is also a minimal-noise burner, so that you can prepare anytime during the day without having to worry about waking anybody up.

-Dimensions: 23.8 x 15.8 x 2.8 inches
-Weight: 13.3 lbs
-Wattage: 1800-Watts
-Features: Touch Technology, 8 Variable Temperature Levels, 5 Programmed Timer Levels, Automatic Pan Recognition, Brought Digital Display Panel, Child Safety Lock, Hot Caution Light, Stay-Awesome Ceramic Glass Surface, High and low Current Warning System, Diagnostic Error Message System

  • QUICK, Effective & ENERGY-EFFICIENT – Operated by 1800-Watts, this effective burner uses Electromagnetic Induction Technology to warm up two times as quickly as a standard gas range and electric cooktop-costing you less on electric power bills.
  • EFFECTIVE – Electromagnetic Induction Technology does not transfer heat to cookware just like a conventional range, it can make the cookware itself heat generator, meaning it evenly cooks the food without departing any hot or cold spots.
  • ADJUSTABLE -8 Variable Temperature Levels (varies from 140-465° F) enables you to definitely immediately alter the heat levels for everyone your requirements. 5 Programmed Timer Levels (MIN 1 min, MAX 3 hrs) can help you keep on track in situation you have to multitask.
  • EXTRA SAFE – Includes an overheating sensor that instantly turns from the device if no cookware is detected, and also the ceramic glass surface always stays awesome to touch. Additionally, it features child safety lock along with a hot caution light for added safety.
  • MODERN, SLEEK & Simple To CLEAN – This burner’s sleek black glass body looks so great that you could let it rest on the countertop like a stylish centerpiece. Its ceramic glass surface can also be stainproof-simply wipe clean and it’ll look like new.

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