Klarstein Mundschenk • Fermenting Kettle • Beer Brewer • Home Brewing System • Mash Tun • 304 Steel • Home Fermentation of Beer and Wine • 8 gal • LCD and Touch Panel • Stainless Steel

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For home brewers: more precise, 30-litre mash tun made of 304 stainless with
easy operation via Liquid crystal display and touch-screen.

1800 W strong mash and beer kettle with timer and thermostat for precisely accurate
heating and warming..

Top Features:

• Complete looking for simple mashing in your own home: kettle, sieve insert, grain container,
circulation pump .
• 1800 W powerful heating element
• Stainless boiler for temperature distribution
• Easy operation with obvious Liquid crystal display and touch user interface
• Easy emptying with a guaranteed drain tap


• Manual or automatic charge of the mashing process
• As much as six programmable mashing steps
• Temperature, some time and power adjustable
• Display of the present mashing step
• Drain tap with capable filter
• Cover made from tempered glass
• Removable grain container for simple elimination of the grains
• Circulation pump for simple stirring
• Includes sieve insert for filtering the mash
• Off turn on front of unit
• All metal parts made from 304 stainless
• Power: 110-120V ~ / 50-60Hz


• 1 x kettle
• 1 x sieve insert
• 1 x circulating pump
• 1 x grain container
• 1 x glass lid
• English language manual (other languages:Spanish)


• Measurements: about 15 x 27.5 inches (ØxH)
• Weight: about 26.4 lbs

  • VERSATILE: Regardless of whether you prefer light or dark, bottom or top fermented, wheat or pilsner, using the Klarstein Munschenk brewing kettle you are able to brew it the way you want. Beginners in addition to home brewmasters can serve refreshing and scrumptious beer!
  • SECURE: As much as 8 gallons of brewing contents can ripen peacefully within the large stainless kettle.
  • Simple To TAP: The provided plastic fermentation tube ensures the required pressure equalization. Because of acrylic plugs, they fit airtight within the intended lid opening. When ready, the finished beer could be drawn on directly through the built-in drain tap.
  • QUALITY: Beer or wine may also mature in almost any other container, however the Klarstein fermentation kettle consists of taste-neutral 304 stainless: Which means that the fermentation process is definitely hygienic, after use it’s very simple to clean.
  • Help Make Your OWN BEVERAGE CREATIONS: As much as 8 gallons of fresh beer in your own home brewery or fruit wine out of your own garden? Nothing might be simpler: using the Klarstein Mundschenk fermentation kettle, your house brewery is finished. Bottoms up!

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