Hand Mixer Electric MOSAIC 300W 6 Speeds Digital Kitchen Mixer and Immersion Blender with Turbo Function Included 5 Stainless Steel Attachments and Storage Base

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MOSAIC electric multi-function 6 speeds hands mixers/immersion blender with storage stand.

MOSAIC kitchen hands mixer using the stylish and patent design. 300-watt effective motor with 6 speeds perfect control and turbo function which make your baking and mixing more simpler and efficient, great outcomes for every time.

This versatile hands held mixer/hands immersion blender includes patent beaters, dough hooks and stick blender. Ideal for blending, creaming, kneading and folding. Simply take a couple of minutes to savor scrumptious dishes like cream, cakes, cookies, smoothies and bread.

Note: Avoid contacting moving parts to avoid personal injuries. Unplug before replacing, removing, installing or cleaning.

6 speeds ultra-effective from the slow stir to some high whip to create your baking simpler, enjoy your baking time!

Speed 1-2

For slow stirring, mixing and beginning mixing procedures.

Speed 3-4

Combine heavy mixtures. For example cookie dough, mash taters or squash.

Speed 5-6

Whipping egg white-colored and high cream. Beat egg-whites and meringue mixtures.

TIP: You might alter the mixer and blender function using the switch. The operating video: https://world wide web.mosaic-kitchen.com/videos/.


Power: 300 Watts

Current: 110V~120V

Speed: 6 Setting

Material: StainlessOrPlastic material(Product housing is created by plastic)

Package Incorporated:

1 x Hands Mixer Primary Body (Product housing is created by plastic)

2 x Patent Stainless Beaters

2 x Stainless Dough Hooks

1 x Stainless Blender Stick

1 x Calculating Cup

1 x Storage Stand

1 x Instructions

  • ✅MULTI-FUNCTIONAL Hands MIXER – Multi-function for various kitchen mixing and blending tasks. This baking mixer not just a handheld mixer but additionally an immersion blender.
  • ✅POWERFUL And Sturdy – 300 watt motor, 6 speeds control and turbo function. 9 min maximum continuous working here we are at perfect results while mixing or beating.
  • ✅EFFICIENT PATENT BEATERS – Perfect and efficient for whisking egg-whites, creaming ingredients using the patent beaters. 2 minutes for egg white-colored, a few minutes for whipping cream.
  • ✅ELECTRONIC CONTROL SYSTEM – Stronger and convenient for speeds control (turbo function) than other mechanical. Constructed with Liquid crystal display showing the speeds and taking advantage of time.
  • ✅COMPACT And Simple To Wash – Have a creative storage stand, ensure that it stays simple to store and save space. The stainless beaters and hooks is going to be simple to clean with warm water.

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