Grainfather Connect Complete All In One Home Beer Brewing System

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The grain father is a brand-inclusive fully electric 120V all grain brewing system. With digital temperature controls which are accurate as far as, complex processes like step mashing haven’t been simpler. The system also features an integrated mash re-circulation pump for top efficiency, along with a convoluted counter flow Chiller for convenient cooling. The steps to brewing using the grain father are intuitive and straightforward, despite its compact footprint. Mash within the unit with continuous circulation, enhance the grain bed for sparing, after removal your mashtun has become your boil kettle! the connect control box enables for automation without removing the brewing, be as involved as you would like to become! more automation means that you can multitask or just relax while brewing after which be alerted when you should return for your forthcoming step. Make use of the connect control box with the connect application for that ultimate brewing experience.

  • Easy And Easy To Use: The Grainfather is electrically powered and designed for use inside No requirement for burners or hot plates just connect and go Heating from mash to boil takes less than twenty minutes Instructions incorporated Video lessons on manufacturer website
  • Greatest QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: The Grainfather is made of top quality 304 grade stainless having a 8 gallon capacity made to produce as much as 6 gallons of beer in one brew
  • INTUITIVE DESIGN: Programmable step mashing delayed heating waterproof digital display in Celsius and F
  • INNOVATIVE FEATURES: Make use of the Connect Control Box with the Connect Application and Grainfather Brewing Community for that ultimate brewing experience Bluetooth connectivity enables the Grainfather to become controlled remotely Simply relax while brewing after which be alerted when to go back to the next move
  • FANTASTIC SUPPORT: The Grainfather is fully supported all over the world with a fantastic support team who love brewing nearly as much as you need to do Our support team is here now for just about any technical queries on brewing or the way the Grainfather works in addition to general customer support queries 2 year manufacturers warranty

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