Breville BES870BSXL The Barista Express Coffee Machine, Black Sesame

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Good crema from fresh beans

The main difference is obvious: espresso produced from beans ground about a minute ago (left) produces crema that’s noticeably more wealthy and thick than espresso produced from beans ground 10 days ago (right). The decision? Fresh beans will always be more suitable.
Dual wall filters, 54mm

Incorporated dual wall filters provide excellent practice for budding baristas
Single wall filters, 54mm

Incorporated single wall filters give a tougher experience for individuals who’ve already mastered the skill of espresso
Good crema from fresh beans

Convenient hidden storage compartment for that filters and incorporated cleaning package.
Barista Express portafilter with commercial style spouts

Hands-free filling for that portafilter from the integrated burr grinder

Fresh is better

In the realm of coffee, freshness could be measured within minutes. When even 5 minutes has transpired, ground beans have began to get rid of their flavor. Grinding beans any time you want fresh espresso needs time to work, though, and oftentimes it might be a tradeoff between taste and convenience. The Breville Barista Express solves this issue, delivering fresh, quality espresso at outstanding speed, because of its integrated burr grinder. Move from beans to espresso within a minute—all within the comfort of your home.

Café quality espresso in your house

Espresso making is well known to be both a skill along with a science, requiring you to definitely carefully adjust each one of the inputs (grind size, grind amount, etc.). But complete beginners and ambitious baristas can pull an ideal shot in the Breville Barista Express. For novices, it arrives with two dual-wall, pressurized filters that regulate pressure which help optimize the extraction. For additional experienced baristas, the Barista Express includes two single-wall, non-pressurized filters that provide you more room to test out different grind sizes, grind amounts, and tamping pressure. As whether crash-course or perhaps a continuation study, the Barista Express provides you with free rein look around the art of espresso.

Additionally to the integrated burr grinder, the Breville Barista Express comes with an Italian-manufactured 15 bar pump and thermocoil home heating that ensures accurate regulating temperature of water for any full-flavored espresso. A pre-brew function and flat shower mind make certain the water is optimally distributed with the coffee puck. The Barista Express also offers several useful features, like a cup warmer on top of the device along with a feature that removes excess water in the filter basket after coffee extraction, therefore the used grounds form a dry puck for faster cleanup. Lastly, it features a stainless all over swivel-action steam wand for lattes and cappuccinos.

For novices and ambitious baristas alike, the Barista Express makes good espresso accessible and simple to create.

Made with the customer in your mind

The Breville Barista Express is made from high-quality materials therefore the resulting machine is really as sturdy as you possibly can. No-slip ft keep your machine from sliding over the counter once the burr grinder is activated. The Barista Express is housed inside a sleek stainless casing, which makes it a beautiful and timeless accessory for any kitchen. The whole unit is simple to wash and has a hideaway storage compartment for that incorporated cleaning tools, additionally for an easily removable drip tray.


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Product Features

  1. Integrated conical burr grinder and half-pound bean hopper: stainless conical burrs optimize extraction of flavor in the bean by maximizing the top part of the grinds. Use freshly ground beans for each shot for additional full espresso flavor. Hopper has locking system for simple removal, storage and change in espresso beans.
  2. Grind size and grind amount selector dials: choose among grind settings from fine to coarse and adjust the quantity of freshly ground espresso dosed in to the filter basket.
  3. Filter size button: indicate regardless if you are utilizing a single- or double-wall filter basket and also the grinder will dispense the needed quantity of ground coffee for that appropriate filter type.
  4. 54mm tamper: for expert tamping control. With magnetized storage, but removable for simple tamping.
  5. Hands-free grinding cradle: push portafilter into cradle and freshly ground espresso is going to be distributed into the filter. Grinder instantly stops once the indicated amount continues to be distributed.
  6. 54mm stainless portafilter: with commercial style spouts.
  7. 67 fl. oz. removable water tank: top-fill tank with replaceable water filtration to lessen impurities and scale.
  8. Volumetric control: preset 1 and a pair of cup volumes, manual over-ride, or reprogrammable shot volumes.
  9. Espresso pressure gauge: monitors espresso extraction pressure.
  10. Thermocoil home heating: integrated stainless water coil precisely controls temperature of water.
  11. Clean me light: signifies whenever a cleaning cycle is needed. Cleaning package incorporated.
  12. 360-degree swivel action steam wand: for easy milk texturing.
  13. Auto purge function: instantly adjusts temperature of water after steam for optimal espresso extraction temperature.
  14. Removable drip tray: partitioned for wet and dry spills, with ‘Empty me!’ indicator when ever it’s full.

  • 15 Bar Italian Pump
  • Purge Function: Instantly adjusts temperature of water after steam for optimal espresso extraction temperature
  • Stainless conical burr grinder with 1/2 lb. sealed bean hopper
  • 1600W Thermo coil home heating
  • 67 fluid Oz (2L) removable water tank with handle

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