BACOENG Stainless Steel 115 Volt Inline Home Brewing System Beer Pump, 55” Cord WITH Plug, Inlet 1/2” x Outlet 1/2” MPT

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This magnetic drive pump is an ideal pump for the brew system. Utilize it to maneuver hot wort within an all-grain system also to transfer wort from boil kettle to fermenter.
The magnetic drive enables you to definitely slow lower the flow with no damage to the pump. This can be a perfect opening pump for your house brewery. 4.5′ cord will get the plug connection a couple of ft from where we’re brewing and less inclined to be uncovered to water



Magnetic Pump: MP-15RM
1/2″NPT thread
Max Mind :2.7/3.4 Meter
Rated Mind:1.5 Meter
Barb Ending can be found
Max Capacity: 16/19 L/min
Rated Capacity: 8/12 L/min
With Stainless 304 Mind
Heating Fighting off 100ºC (32℉-284℉)


Special Structure

1. Magnetic drive circulation pump is full-sealed pump,for motor connecting shaft and impeller are individually outfitted with magnetic materials, they attract one another and coupled.
2. It’s unnecessary to suit with traditional shaft seal and finish-liness sealed constitutive push. Avoids defects of pollution after corrosion brought on by liquid leakage which still adopts special ceramics as shaft bearing, characterizing strong resistance for abrasion and corrosion.


Package Incorporates

1 x Brewing Pump

  • SPECIFICATIONS: 1/2inch MPT Inlet&Outlet 110V/60Hz 5GPM max. flow 10W rated power No self-priming Don’t run dry 4.75ft lengthy 3-prong cord.
  • Food and drug administration FOOD COMPLIANT – Stainless can be used in professional setups since it is a sturdy, food-grade metal that may withstand caustic chemicals and could be effectively sanitized.
  • Simple To Use: Prime by running liquid through pump just before activating The liquid travels from the foot of the valve in to the pump, and when system is powered on (connected to outlet), the propeller circulates liquid for optimum flow Use to dispense beer, treat water, transfer warm water out of your kettle to some mash tun, or recirculate mash wort and sparge and transfer to some brew kettle
  • MATERIAL PERFORMANCE: Pump extraction medium temperature changes ought to be controlled within 100℃, hot temperature doesn’t exceed 120℃. Shaft bearing adopt special ceramics material which will make it characterize strong resistance for abrasion and corrosion.
  • MAGNETIC: Fully sealed water pump with connecting magnetic shaft and magnetic propeller Magnetically coupled for enhanced operation

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