Backyard Pro 18 Qt. Aluminium Freestanding Dual Basket Fryer/Fish Cooker – 55,000 BTU Cast Burner Outdoor Propane Fry Pot +

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Fry up scrumptious fish filets, fries, pizza, along with other crispy food with this particular Backyard Pro 18 qt. dual basket fryer / fish oven! Specifically created for outside cooking, this fryer is ideal for barbecues, fairs, along with other periodic occasions. As well as for exceptional power as well as, efficient cooking, it has a robust, ruthless 55,000 BTU surefire burner. Like a welcome addition towards the patio or outside venue, this fryer is ideal for from breaded shrimp to fried yams wedges!
Apart from the burner, the fryer includes an 18 qt. fry pot and a pair of rectangular fry baskets. All 3 pieces are constructed with aluminum for superior heat transfer and have transporting handles for simple maneuvering. The basket handles are heat-resistant against assist in preventing burns and the operator safe. Plus, for additional convenience, a 5″ deep fry thermometer is incorporated. It’s ideal for use when frying up small batches of niche or limited-time-only dishes.
For operation, a 5 PSI hose comes standard and it is simple to connect for any secure hose-to-burner connection. Additionally, it includes a variable type 1 regulator to own operator the opportunity to regulate heat and control the flame. With ample control, the operator can establish excellent, consistent recent results for great output along with a reliable menu for purchasers.
Designed to last, the fryer is made right into a durable, welded steel frame with 4 legs for stability, even on patios and asphalt. Plus, the frame’s simple, low-to-the-ground design provides additional stability for accommodating the 18 qt. fry pot when filled with herbal.

Overall Dimensions:
Width: 17″
Depth: 14″
Height: 16″

Pot Dimensions:
Length: 13″
Width: 16″
Depth: 4 1/2″

Basket Dimensions:
Length: 11″
Width: 7″
Depth: 4″

  • Ruthless 55,000 BTU cast burner
  • Features 18 qt. rectangular aluminum fry pot with side handles
  • 2 aluminum rectangular fry baskets with heat-resistant handles along with a 5″ deep fry thermometer
  • 5 PSI hose with adjustable type 1 regulator is simple to connect for any secure connection
  • Created for frying fish filets, pizza, along with other food outdoors

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